Nov 3, 2011

BM Beauty - Hey Majesty eyeshadow

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Hello, everyone

This is another post with swatches; this time of a gorgeous color-shifting eyeshadows by BM Beauty. I never heard of them, but they have beautifully pigmented minerals in a basic color range. Nothing outrageous; very suiting for the natural kind of gals. 

 The base of the eyeshadow is pink. But when the light hits, it turns to gold. I feel this is a classic color-shifting color combination, many company do this. However, not every company is cruelty-free and not all my readers in Slovenia have access to international online shopping. 
Slovene readers that want a color like this in their collection, can find the product HERE. The site only stocks 3 colors and I've tried all three, however; Her Majesty is the only one that is unique enough to be worth the full price tag, in all honesty.

Bourjois used to had a pot of a similar color, I think the name was Golden Rose. Her Majesty is like that, only more pigmented.This picture shows the shift, pinky gold in direct light, complety pink with golden sheen when in the dark. Super cute, right?

Another alternative dupe would be a BeYou trio, but that entire line is, to my knowledge, discontinued in Slovenia. Mercator's own chain of drugstores, Beautique, used to carry it. 

Swatches were applied wet.

To me, this is such a cute and flattering color that is fun, interesting and ethical at the same time.
I'm not crazy about the price tag, though. Full-size € 8,60 product would make more sense to me if I could get a friend to share a half with, no way could I use the dang thing by myself. And it's a basic color, so many will have a color like this in their collection.

It's just so girly, right?


swatchfreak said...

Všeč! Res lepa kombinacija dveh barv v eni :)

swatchfreak said...

Všeč! Res lepa kombinacija dveh barv v eni :)

swatchfreak said...

Všeč! Res lepa kombinacija dveh barv v eni :)

Gone2RehabBRB said...

Meni je tudi zeeelo všeč od trenutka, ko sem vrečkico prijela v roke.

swatchfreak said...

Jao, kako mi je uspelo ustvariti 3 komentarje xD.. Jup, res je zelo luštna :)

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