Nov 1, 2011

Layered blue eyeshadows

I was inspired by Nihrida's post when she recreated a nailpolish color on her eyes by layering different eyeshadows. I don't care about nailpolish, but I wanted a layer something.  Anything, basically.
This is the final result of my layering efforts, total of 10 eyeshadows used.
This includes 2 cream shadows, the highlight, 3 different browns and 4 different blues.

I first put down white Essence Balerina Backstage  white eyeshadow souffle. All of the products from brownbone to the crease are matte. I used Sleek Monaco to highlight and fade the slight countour of a very pale taupe color using this highlight color. Then I defined the crease with a medium brown and difused it into the taupe. Last step was to use a cooler toned deep brown to get the crease even more define. 

Then I applied a back base on my moving lid and set it mix of aqua blue and navy blue from Sleek Chaos palette. Then I took the shimmery blue from Sleek Sunset palette and wet it with a clear mascara and layered it all over my moving lid. This I then set with a teal eyeshadow with golden sparkle from Monaco palette.

 Excuse the lashes, I'm using a waterproof mascara which isn't getting along with the cold autumn temps.
I bought a new mascara, a tubing one, but I either lost before getting home or I forgot to take it from the counter. I have the receipt, it was the only thing I bought that day. I think they should put your make-up in bags when you buy it and hand it to you! 

The two pictures below are taken with a borrowed camera, because my camera died in combat when I was in Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia. Lucikly is was the  last day, I would had been really upset if I was camera-less in Armenia.  

It felt so silly to wear such a thick layer of produtc on my eyes, lol. :)
What do you think, too much shizz?



Maja said...

Meni izgleda čudovito... :D

socialitedreams said...

stunning :D

CRYS said...


Mateja Mateja said...

Leeepo. :)

EyeGraffiti said...

no no no don't feel silly! This was amazing, the blue was so shimmery in whole new ways!
Though I didn't follow there with the layering. Aren't you always layering when applying eyeshadow??
Maybe not with clear mascara, but still!
And I also want to say that the wing of your liner, maaaaan.... it was so sharp it could be a murder weapon!

Gone2RehabBRB said...

Thank you so much dolls =)

@ EyeGraffiti: I can normally not layer much, because I have dry eyelids and no base stays emolient or sticky enough after I go in with the first layer of eyeshadow.
Shadows need to have a *lot* of mineral oil in them so I can layer.

It, however, also means my lids don't crease.
I didn't mention it in the post, but after moisturizing I first put apricot kernel oil on my lids, then concealer and then a black base.

Alice @ NailsbyAlice said...

god!!1 10 eyeshadows!!

sandryca said...

waaww..čudovito :)
Pa full maš lepe učke <3

a!k0 said...

Oh I love this look :D so pretty!


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