May 27, 2012

Lily Lolo Sand Dune&Black Sand e/s swatches

There are a few new shades hitting our store; two eyeshadows in Sand Dune and Black Sand as well as two blushes. Blushes are getting a seperate post but may I give you a hint; one of them is a perfect summery soft coral.  The collection just screams summer, sun and the cult of beach babeness. I'm sure it's ok to make up words, right? Yeah, babeness, babeh ;) 

Here are two looks using the products: 
Lily Lolo Black Sand eyeshadow used as liner.

Lily Lolo Sand Dune on the lid, Lily Lolo Black Sand blended on the lash line.
Reviews with swatches after the jump ;)

I was unexpectedly sent sample baggies. I tried the  products and I think the are something I need to express my opinion on.

Let's start with this eyeshadow. Lily Lolo Sand Dune eyeshadows accompanied with primer swatch (left, using Elf Mineral e/s primer) and a baseless finger swatch on the right. 

FINISH: Satin, leaning on matte but sparkles like crazy if hit by direct sun. To me it looks *exactly* like gleamming beach sand during the peak of sun exposure - the one thing I really adore about the eyeshadow, to be brutally honest.

TEXTURE: Dry. It easily overblends and you may end up with patches of bare skin.

PIGMENTATION: Very sheer. If you look at the finger swatch you'll see how it barely shows up. Even with the primer it tends to be very sheer. 

COLOR: Pale pinky beige with sparkles you can't see with naked eye but show up under direct sunlight.

Based on the color and the nature of my dry eyelids, this product has little use to me so I would not purchase this in full size. I want my neutrals to be creamy and opaque. Good example of what I want in a neutral is LilyLolo's Sticky Toffee. I wish the line would be more consistent in their quality, for a company that only offers full size product with not option of sampling the colors prior to purchase they ought to get the texture right each time they launch a product.
If you'll be out in the sun and you do not appreciate the full-on face make up, this would actually work out for you. It's a real stunner if you can get it to be what it is intended to be - beach babe's helper to effortless sun tanning make-up.

If you go back to the top and look at the pictures of my eye you'll be able to tell if this is something you'd wear.
Lily Lolo Sand Dune eyeshadow swatches. Left: over primer. Right: finger swatch
Ok, let's move on to the second eyeshadow, Black Sand. In texture this could not be more different than the other one.

What is impressive is the fact this a matte that is not chalky, it's not dry and it's pigmented. The swatch on the right is a finger swatch with no base and yet, the pigment went on smoothly and evenly. You can tell straight away it's a pigmented little bugger. Over a primer it was just awesome.  Normally, I am not a fan of Lily Lolo colored mattes, Mystery and African Violet were horrendous.

But not this one. I used it wet as a liner and had great success! It's a deep chocolate brown which makes it a great lining material, it's dark enough to give you definition. I found there was no need to add  an extra black shadow. 
And it is creamy enough for it to be layered on top of shadows you are wearing underneath which is something I am often unable to do due to my dry lid.

Staying power of it was good, so much better than Sand Dune.

I would buy the full size myself <3 . This has Gone2RehabBRB's seal of approval. 
So, since this is a PR sample let me assure you that simply being sent it doesn't effect my opinion. Opinion is formed based on the performance of these products during swatching and normal day wear.


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