Nov 13, 2012

Gosh, is this a real Paradise?

Hello, lovely people!
Hope all is well. =) 

Slovenia, like many other, experienced massive flooding.

I was unaffected by it, but not all were as lucky. 

The look that I have for you today is very aquatic as I wanted to focus on the positive conotations to water to contrast all the sad media covarge of the past week.

Products used:

  • shimmery gold - Gosh loose eyeshadow in  Paradise
  • yellow-gold kohl pencil as a base  (I used one by Essence)
  • matte aqua  eyeshadow from the Chaos I-divine by Sleek Make-up

I have probably said this but Essence kohls are the best bases for loose eyeshadow because everything sticks to it like nobody's business. Even though I have currently switched to more emoliant bases as the tempartures drop and my lids get even more dehydrated.

You can't go wrong with roughly  €1 per piece, ya'know :)



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