Nov 22, 2012

Smoldering the violets, pushing up the daisies

Hey guys,

hope life is treating you all well. 

I just printed out a paper and I feel all self-accomplished and shit. It's only due Monday, so I'm uber proud of myself for being ahead of time.=) 
School automatically means I lose interest in dramatic make-up so I haven't created anything new. I'm publishing my less polished looks I wasn't sure I'd like to share. 

Here we go:


  • Lily Lolo African Violet  eyeshadow
  • A white eyeshdow with green duochrome (center lid)
  • Blue Essence Crazy about Color LE kohl as the base
  • poorly glued falsies 

The most interesting part for me when doing this look was to see how different a white duochrome shadow looks layered over a baby blue iridescent pencil. Green shadow over blue base = glowy blue eyeballz. 

I have to say that as  of recent my ability to apply falsies has deserted me. 
I can haz my ''skillz'' back, pweeze?

Happy Thanksgiving to all my North American beauties!



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