Aug 23, 2010

Yet another beauty blog is born. Yawn.

Oh, hi there fellow beauty addict!

I created this blog as I felt there is a lack of cruetly free blogs out there that don't rely on  PETA's  list of companies that do or don't test on animals.
To me, their criteria is simply unacceptable. What good is it to me if only final products aren't tested on animals?

My goal is to become more educated in terms of ingredients and would eventually love to live a paraben and ''cosmetics toxins'' free life.
So feel free to join me on my journey to find efficient, yet harmless (to people and animals) beauty products.

Also, please note I am a European, Slovene to be exact, and a student. There will not be ''massive MAC haul'' types of posts here. Sorry. :)


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