Jan 17, 2011

No make-up Make-up?

Hey dolls :) 

I was thinking how ridiculous it is for some people to think they look disgusting without make-up or without a sh** load of make-up. ''Disgusting'' is such a strong word especially in refrence to your own face. So I made this post with using very little products and on a bad skin day even.

I'm breaking it down to lips, face, eyes. Min. fuss, min products.
The key in making your face look effortless is  keeping the base light and not putting too much color  on the lips, eyes and cheeks. Think balance!

LIPS: lipbalm and a smile! All you need.

 I used Dr.Bronners lip balm (mint flavoured)

FACE: moisturizer, a layer of Lily Lolo foundation and a layer of Lily Lolo Translucent Silk.
on cheeks: Lily Lolo translucent silk mixed with EDM blusher New Mom.

If my skin wasn't so bad I would first put on the translucent silk and only then foundation to get even less coverage and less of a cakey face.

EYES: smudged out brown liner (NXY lipliner) and curled lashes. no mascara - I really hate mascara

That is it. Simplicity ftw.



Anna. said...

Joj to je meni neumno, da so kao brez make up-a grde. To sploh ni res, meni je naravno lepše. Jaz poleti skoraj ne uporabljam make-upa. In btw super post. Všeč mi je bolj naraven videz. Maskare pa tako ne rabiš..imaš super lepe trepke!

Gone2RehabBRB said...

Točno tako, mal puderčka in neki na žnabelček in je to čist dovolj.
Sej je res, da imam blog samo za slike ličenja, ampak da je pa človek grd, če nima kg ličil na sebi?

O teh mojih trepkah bom pa naredila daljšo pisno objavo. Vihalnik dela čudeže :)

Ina said...

Super post :) (reče nekdo, ki ma ponavadi več očesnega MU v enem dnevu kot večina v celem tednu :) Make up bi moral biti nekaj kar narediš z veseljem in ne zato, ker kao zgledaš grd brez njega :/

Gone2RehabBRB said...

za čez dan (za na faks) tako redko nosim ličila, da so ljudje ugotovili, da znam uporablat maskaro, šele ko sem začela z blogom :D

Makeup by Krystale said...

You've been awarded the "Versatile blogger" award!


Congrats on a great blog!

Madiha said...

This is the best no makeup look i have seen so far!! Just love this :)

Gone2RehabBRB said...

phahaha :D
nice one. So I take it you're a fan of my naked face lol

Malibu said...

ooh that's nice - I'm not the only person who skips mascara as often as possible.
i really hate that procedure of putting it on.
and i like the idea of using a lipliner for a natural eyeline!? can you say something more about it? does it creep into the eye or sth?

Gone2RehabBRB said...

there is no reason other than that particular lipliner is very soft and emoliant. It glides on the same, I found.

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