Sep 21, 2011

Dusty miller, naked and Ballerina on the waterline

Simple eye look. Why? Because I take pictures of basically any MU I wear and in most cases I do quick and simple eyes and then take pictures in a rush =) 

Step 1: a white mouse shadow all over the lid, up to the browbone and even on the water line (Essence Balerina Backstage Dance the Swan Lake)

Step 2: shimmery dusty pink all over the lide (UD Naked, Sin)

Step 3: Pastel matte peach eyeshadow in the crease. + mascara, + (optional) liner.

excuse the creepy angle

Here is a comparsion how my eyes look with and without liner. Notice how incredibly short my lashes look after liner. :S
   Well, that's all.
Thank you for reading <3.



saracr said...

I liked it. very discret, but beautiful.

Urša said...

Nežno in zelo lepo <3

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