Sep 19, 2011

Fyrinnae drama?

It's what we've all been wondering - what the feck, Fyrinnae, watcha you guys doing?
So, they currently have their site up with note that they are closed. Not sure if you can order at this momement.

I've read a few speculation as to why this is commonplace with Fyrinnae. And you know whaaa? I DON'T care!


Because I got a few samples in swap. YAY *throws confetti and frolics in piles of rainbow glitter*
I'll be swatching them individually and have a single post for each color because
I have way tooo much pictures for one single post. I think I'll max out my Picassa storage with these lol.

Well, here they are. My little babies.

From left to right:

Fyrinnae eyeshadow in Bastet
Fyrinnae Arcane Magic eyeshadow in Glitterboi
Fyrinnae eyeshadow in Meercat
Fyrinnae Arcane Magic eyeshadow in Mystic
Fyrinnae eyeshadow in Fyre and Ice
Fyrinnae eyeshadow in Red Panda
 Fyrinnae Arcane Magic eyeshadow in Velve Vampire

I would die of happines to have a full-size of Fyre and Ice, Mystic and my yet-to-be-aqcuired Mephisto.


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