Sep 18, 2011

Project Cute Box: Fun new project @ Gone2RehabBRB

I am starting a fun little project for me. If any of you want to join it, leave me links to your PCB in the comments. SO, this is essentially taking a cute box that you may have, any size, it doesn't matter.
And then fill it with less loved make-up items, almost used make-up items and (mineral) make-up samples.

We're getting very close to Project 10 Pan here, with slight differences; 
- you do not have to use things up
- you are allowed to buy new things, if the color is not the same to
any of the product in the box
- it's all stored neatly in a cute box 

Why a box? Why a CUTE box?

Simple. I find it SOOOOOOOO much more enticing to use product if they are presented or stored in a visually pleasing packaging.
It' s also a bit more mysterious that way, because you have to open it and look inside. I feel like a child.

Seriously, it's exciting. =) 
Now check out my cute box. Slovene readers might get a chuckle
out of this because the tins were a part of Libresse promotion.
But it's mega cute, OK?!

A quick look inside; EDM samples and misc mineral sample baggies.

The question is, will you be joining me on this little project?

Ps. my giveaways end on Tuesdays so get your entries in, tell a friend etc.
They will be followed by Nyx Pearl Mania Giveaway, so don't be discouraged,
that one will have a more flexible rules so it will be more enter-friendly. =)


Isadonna said...

I like your idea a lot ♥ I guess I'll join you because I think every beautyblogger owns stuff she doesn't use really often. Also, I made the experience that in such projects, you find products you never used but which you get to love during the project!
I hope it isn't any problem that I usually write in german on my blog. Maybe I'll do some bilingual posts for that! ♥

Gone2RehabBRB said...

I don't mind German posts :DDD
Have fun!

The Peach said...

What a fun idea! I'm probably not going to join you in this just yet. But maybe sometime in the future!

Ana Maria P. said...

That's really a cute ideea!
I was thinking that you'd use a shoe box and make different compartiments amnd place the things, but it's nice that little box. :)
Good luck with the project!

SilhouetteScreams said...

I can't commit to anything yet, but I'd love to try this at some point since it's a great idea!

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