Dec 27, 2012

DGC love

I have this very old but absolutely gorgous navy eyeshadow that I decided to turn into a nail polish. My attempt failed and I am still left with plenty of eyeshadow. It's by Capitol, a brand carried by Tuš drogstores 5 years back :D 

I wanted to see if I can morph it into a liner. Here is what  I ended up with: 
To liquify the liner I used

DGC (Darling Girl Cosmetics) Glitter Glue. It came out nicely, except my outer corner got washed off by a torrent of tears. 


I am also wearing Glitter Glue as a base to my eyeshadow.

For my eyelids, I used DGC eyeshadow in curious. It's a lovely warm tan color with loads of light reflecting action going on without being glittery or frosty. In my crease I used a BeYou eyeshadow that is only a fraction deep than Curious. 

I have collected so many eyeshadows thus far I sometimes feel duplicate colors need to be recycled.I either give things away if they are new but with old stuff I just try to make it work somehow.

Sometimes trying to turn eyeshadows into polish just doesn't want to happen. Oh well.



Sara Hassan said...

Love it! Would definitely try this out. x

Pandrea Florina said...

love your eye liner ♥

Gone2RehabBRB said...

@Sara - I think it would look amazing on you!
@Pandrea Florina - thanks!

olgiepolgie said...

It's an amazing shade of blue! I love how it looks as a liner with the more subtle colours.

Gone2RehabBRB said...

@olgiepolgie: it particulary helps that the lid is warm to bring out the blueness in liner :)

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