Dec 21, 2012

Anti-Christmas Look; A Collab with Deja Zu

Hello everyone =) 

Holliday spirit seems to be in full swing at the moment. Which also means there is going to be an overflow of ''Christmas Make-up'' which typically involves either red lips or green smokey eyes. They majority of looks are going to be beauty looks. 

That is why I wanted to post a look in juxtapostion to conventional Christmas Beauty. What is more exciting; I got a partner in crime ;) The theme got attention of the lovely Deja who offered a collaboration. You can find her look over at

First, let me just throw out there that conceptually, Anti-Christmas look ain't
easy! At all.  I tried to steer away from were classic red and classic greens.
 In general, everything can be interepted as christmasy -- colorful metalic shadows could depict ornaments and lights. Gory and dark mattes could just as easily be associated with the Nightmare Before Christmas.

I just can't win here, can I?

Mkay, all I got is this look. Tis' a very literal interpretation of a  fir twig, minus the needles. It has to have at least some connection to the season, I felt. What screams CHRISTMAS more than a Christmas Tree?

  There's gotta be huge lashes, but of course.

The look wasn't too hard to do, all I used is one shimmery white eyeshadow and a sort of a decayed moss green. The green is by Fyrinnae and it's their Callipygian loose eyeshadow.

I don't know for sure, but I'd say this look is rather antagonistic of the  pretty holidays make-up that seems to be the norm. You tell me.



Deja said...

Nicely done :)

Gone2RehabBRB said...

Yay, you like it <3.

Milex said...

you coudn't look any better

olgiepolgie said...

Amazing! I love the shape you created with the eyeshadow. And those lashes look awesome.

Gone2RehabBRB said...

@Milex: =) Every dog has its day. :P

@Olgiepolgie: The lashes are so crazy in real life but the nicest shape ever. I wish they did a smaller version for everyday use.

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