Jan 22, 2012

Project Cute Box: Another liner look

Each day it harder for me to use shadows that aren't pressed so Project Cute Box doesn't seem to excite me these days.

I have, however, been on a neutral kick with a mission to find my perfect taupe. Mission not accomplished, but I have expended my collection with some complex and stunning neutrals. If I had the energy, I could have done a collective haul.
 So thi is the look for today, using a cream taupe shadow and fire devilish red as liner.
Product breakdown after the jump.

Isadora Classic Browns palette - deep matte shade to fill in my brows. Then I highlighted with a skintone (yellow based matte ) color in my tearducts and under the brows. 
I have Catrice Made-to-Stay Longlasting (cream) eyeshadow in Metall of Honour is all over my lid.

Then I used an Aromaleigh vibrant metalic red with contact lenses cleaning solution to make the wingy red liner.
Kohl rimmed eyes and mascara to tie everything up.

I wuf the red shadow a lot. But had no idea how ugly my brows look from aside. I normally like my brows very much =/


Tamara said...

Lustno, mi je vsec tale sencka kot liner .)!

darksome: said...

Tudi meni :) Mi je všeč kombinacija umirjene senčke in divjega linerja <3

The Peach said...

Love this liner! Such a great way to glam up a neutral look!

EyeGraffiti said...

I like to make my own eyeliners too! but haven't done that in a while, so now I really have to! thanx for the reminder!!/Azure

a!k0 said...

love the color you used as liner :) very pretty!



olgiepolgie said...

I love how you've made a neutral eye more exciting with coloured liner! Your brows look fine to me, but I think mine look weird from the side, too.

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