Oct 10, 2011

Lily Lolo Mudpie

Lily Lolo Mudpie eyeshadow is a basic matte brown. It has distinct yellow tones. 


Application is opaque with one swipe, as the product has great pigmentation. It, however, goes on slightly uneven. It's barely noticable and if you can see it on the images below, then you and Mudpie are going to make a good pair.  I personally don't mind it either, but I cannot deny the application results in a wee bit of an uneven layer.

 Lily Lolo Mudpie eyeshadow swatched.
                  PR sample provided by www.lilylolo.si

This serves well as an eyebrow color, a crease color or, If you have blue eyes, a shade you can blend out your black kohl liner with to create a daytime smokey eyes that bring out the blue. Or you can use it to smudge black liner and your blue eyes will glow.

A good matte brown is hard to find in drugstores, so I can really recommend this particular. 
Again, I don't think the color/shade by itself is anything special. Because it's not. It is basic, but very versatile. Not really sure if I'd want a full size of it in my collection. But as far as quality goes, this is a good eyeshadow.


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