Oct 10, 2011

Lily Lolo Moonlight

Say hello to the star of good pigmentation in the Lily Lolo eyeshadow range. It's the Moonlight shade.

In this picture, I swacthed the Lily Lolo Moonlight eyeshadow.

Of the shadows I've tried from them, Moonlight and Orchid are the best and are completey comparable in terms of opacity, smootheness and application. 

*PR sample provided by www.lilylolo.si

Moonlight is a shimmery chocolate brown with a deep brown base and a somewhat dark brown chocolatey shimmer but also has a bit of gold shimmer thrown in there. I'd say it's a staple color.

I totally would buy this, beacuse it's good quality, is easy to use and at the same time provides great opaque finish. However, the color is not unique or extremly complex and you may find a lot of companies with similar colors.


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