Oct 10, 2011

Lily LOLO Orchid

I've tried quite a few of Lily Lolo products but the quality of their plain 'ol shimmery white, Orchid, absolutely blew me away. This makes little sense to me, why have the most basic color or them all and make it awesome? 

Could be the absence of pricier colorants? IDK.
But look at these two swatches of Lily Lolo Orchid. 

Left - finger swatch with no base
Right - wet application.

I'll be honest, this product is better than my go-to shimmery white by IsaDora. I think the swatches speak for themselves.

It applies like butter, smooth and evenly opaque with one swipe. Just one layer and you get it looking like that. To get a metalic look, you can use it wet.
I'm sold on this product. Luckily I'm nearly done with my IsaDora one so I'll just wait for the www.lilylolo.si to have one of ther special offers that they do all the time.


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