Oct 10, 2011

Lily Lolo Cream Soda

Medium and dark skin, this is a highlighter for you. It's a completely matte yellow-based off-white beige color.  

If you are a pale gal, like moi, you can use this as a transitional color with smokey eyes or with basically most eyeshadows you can think of. I can't really see how this could clash with anything colorful beacuse it is really neutral.

Here is the swatch of Lily Lolo Cream Soda mineral eyeshadow.
PR sample provided by www.lilylolo.si

Lily Lolo did a good job with this beacuse I find mattes are NOT their forte, but these somewhat sheer nudes they do the forumla really well. Cream Soda does not go on blotchy and has good opacity when applied. Very easy to work with. 

If you are not pale or fair, this is a fantastic skin-tone highlight.
IsaDora did a color like this and since it's discontinued, I'm quite pleased to have found this. I use it for my winter face contour becuase I honestly am *that* pale.

I wouldn't necssarily say it's a must-have, not at all. But it's a good basic stapple that you, paradoxically, don't really need (using foundation is a good and cheap alternative) but you end uo using it often since it goes with everything.


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