Mar 21, 2012

Barry M Dazzle Dust #84 Cherry Red

Hey, everyone 

Not sure if you noticed, but I am alternating between a make-up look post and a swatch post. So the next post will be a make-up look, hopefully :D 

Today I wanted to share pictures of my favorite satin finish fuscia color, Barry M Dazzle Dust # 84 Cherry Red. As per usual, I have pictures of it in the pot and then dry and wet swatches also.

This is such a great funky shade to have in your collection. because it's pigmented enough it can serve you as eyeshadow, blush, or lipgloss/nail polish colorant.

It doesn't have any glitter, the sparkles you see in the pot in direct sunlight do not even transfer to the skin as sparkle, it's an overall gleaming sheen quality of they eyeshadow, especially when worn wet!
I loooove this! <3


Rakhshanda said...

Wow, it looks amazing when used wet!!! Great review <3

Emily♥ 에밀리 ♥エミリー said...

This is so pretty! I love glowing colors the most<3

olgiepolgie said...

This is just gorgeous! I'd love to see a look with you wearing it.

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