Mar 25, 2012

Glitter Liner!

Hi =)

I wanted to let you know my mission to use up the shadows I've hit the pan on is in ful swing and I'm doing ok. I'm already done with 2, I frankend one using  some random mineral samples.  That leaves me with 7 more shadows to use up.
They way I do this is I only use the shadows to do my daily face but I allow myself to use any liner or cream product in my collection just for kicks, I really do not want to make this too boring. Instead, I find it to be rahter challenging and fun.

The shadow I'm trying to use up is a minty green with gold sheen and for this look I've paired it deep red in the crease and a winged out black liner by
Essence. The gals from EyeGraffiti blog always say how they feel the look is just not complete without some sparkle. So I figured, being under the influence of all of their AMAZING work, I'd glam up this eye make up by layering some blue glitter liner over my black liner. I kept the tail of the wing glitter-free. Liner I used was Essence Crystal Liner in 10 Beach Party.

 I didn't bother with curling the lashes, they would shade the glitter too much plus I'd inevitably end up scraping it off with my lash curler anyway. Beacuse I'm at homew most of the time, I decided to give my lshes a break from all the waterproof mascaras I'd been using for the past 3 years and give these poor hair a chance to regrow. 

I'm not a glitter girl, I reaaaly am not.
But I can see now why so many like it. it actually is bucket loads of fun. I'll be using this liner lots, I am sure. 

I also noticed that my phone's video camera picks up glitter more, do you think you'd be watching a vid if it was only a silent few seconds with my eyes trying to catch the angle in the light to show you sparkles more accurately?
The only thing I haven't try is to see if the sparkle still shows after rendering.

Let me know :)



Maryam Maquillage said...

stunning look!!! so delicate and feminine :))

EyeGraffiti said...

I knew I'd love glitter on you and I'm so happy to finally see it one your pretty eyes! Perhaps we could turn you into a glitter chic? Can't wait to see more of these looks...

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