Apr 16, 2012

Dazzle Dust #98 Petrol Black

Hey guys 

I have a real gem of a pigment for you today. This little pot has the WOW-factor and had I not known better I would have sworn this is made by Fyrinnae. But it's not! 

 I can say with certainty, that Barry M Dazzle Dust in shade Petrol Black 98 is the most stunning drug store item I own.  The color shifts in this little fellow are just incredible as you will be able to see in the swatches below. 
The color is so difficult to describe.
I'd say the base is a velvety deep purple and then when the light hits it it gleams in rainbow colors and teal, just like a drop of petrol spilt in water would. 

Beauty <3

Going by then name, I don't really see the ''black'' factor here, unless you'd considered the purple base to be a blackened purple.

 It's the most unique Dust Barry M makes and still, afer 3 years, remains my number one favorite in the 'complex, dark and mysterious'' category.  

It makes a killer clubbing smokey eye, too ;)
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