Apr 9, 2012

Go, Get Bronzed!

It may be bad of my to post a picture of something that is discontinued. 

But I wanted to rave about a type of product that would work amazingly for paler gals. Liquid liner for a pale complexion that won't look like a harsh liquid black liner? Well, it's easy - go for a bronze. A brown base and some sparkles will make it looking soft on your eyes. In the pictures, you can see I'm not wearing any other make-up at all. 

It looks best over paler and matte or satin shades. It can be worn over shimmers but you don't get much definition that way.

The product I used was Catrice, now discontinued, liquid liner in 040 Go, Get Bronzed.
I'm sure you can find a dupe. 

I'm not too crazy about liner in general because I have small eyes and very pale skin. If you are the same, this is the type of color I suggest to you. 

Hope it helps in any way,



Fleurs-de-Lisa said...

I'm so envious that you can line so well. I always feel like lining is much more dressy/formal than I ever get (I work from home and am quite casual), so I never convinced myself to practice it. I do, however, really appreciate skillful lining when I see it! Thanks for posting the idea. I have large eyes, but I'm very pale like you, so I might have to try this sometime :-)

QueenxPeaches said...

i love how you line! I am curious to some looks I can do with different colored liners rather than black all the time. A bronze is a great suggestion thx =)

Discontinued, who cares. lol it just makes that item more special =)

Aranza said...

Perfect eyeliner. I struggle so much with it, and I never ever get it nice and curvy like yours. LOVE it :)

hermetic said...

Great look, I love not too harsh outlines, especially for a daily look, and this looks really amazing

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