Apr 4, 2012

Sample pressie from SwatchFreak

Last year, my mineral crack enabler Swatch Freak sent me this gorgeous little pressie for a errand I ran for her.  As you can see, she was very generous! <3 Thank you so much, hon!

I'd got these, swatched them immediately but completey forgot to post.

So here I have, from left to right

Sweetscents Blackstar Red (very close to their Midnight Burgundy so I'd say pick either/or if you are considering getting these two)
Persephone Crystal Power
 Meow Skeptic
Meow Accident
BellaPiere Antiqua (the only pernament color among these)
Persephone Rainbow Moon Heartache
The last four are just amazing. I was going to get  full sized Skeptic and Accident on this year's Friday 13th, but I forgot. I'll make do, I guess. I hoard so much shadows that I prolly am not going through the baggie untill next Friday 13th so it's all good. :D

And yeah, what makes that pink awesome is multi colored rainbow glitter. :)


socialitedreams said...

wow, those are so prettyful :D

Blackmentos said...

The pigmentation is crazy insane awesome! Have fun fun fun! :))

Anonymous said...

Hvala za promocijo, hehe :)(ti moram vrnit enkrat uslugo) Senčke so pa super lepe <3

Gone2RehabBRB said...


olgiepolgie said...

OMG, I want all of these colours!

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