Aug 3, 2012

Well, darn! Is your canary OK?

Hey Guys =) 

Who is up for some bright oh-hello-Brazil yellow and green make-up? Show support by raising hands :P  

This is the first part of my 4-part Canary series. The Canary series is based on this look that I kept upgrading by adding more and moar and moar make-up.

To see face pictures and proper close-ups of this base look (cuz there is like ... 6 of them), keep on reading :) 

Ta-da! Ain't it pwetty?

What I am working here with are Sundara Cosmetic high intensity matte eyeshadows;
the green Amla (already featured in Kermit Look)
the light salmon Dreamsickle (used HERE and HERE)

the bright yellow Turmeric. 

The Goods!

My waterline color is Essence longlasting eyepenicil in Cool Down.
To lay down a base for this yummy green shadow I used Essence Crazy About Color LE kohl pencil in Crazy About Green. 

I was initially inspired by Sara Ashouri Makeup Artist on fb. She wore a green on the lashline, blue in the waterline and yellow on the lid. 
One big difference, though. Her eyes are brown and that waterliner color was gorgeous on her. With my blue eyes there no color contrast, so it is barely noticable I have a blue on the waterline.

Well, at least you notice I am wearing yellow :) .
Doesn't get more fun and cheerful than ol'yellow

Awesome angle. Life would be easier if I was really this unbearably cute IRL.

I was so luuuucky with this look being done in the morning so I had loads of awesome light as well as sun. When I finished doing the mke-up with other looks it unfortunetely started raining so none of the pictures in the upcoming serious show the true color like this post does.
Shame, innit? It was a proper play sesion and I have not had one of those happen since my Meow Arabian eye post. 

Hopefully you'll like what is to come.



olgiepolgie said...

Oh wow! So bright and gorgeous! Yellow looks fabulous on you.

Gone2RehabBRB said...

Thanks :)

See, yellow, orange, reds - I can do, even if they are matte neons.
But blue I can't ever pull as great as you.

Anonymous said...

such a fun look. it's made me want to play with colour more x

Mateja Mateja said...

Aaa, super. :D Krasno! Rumena je res čisto za tebe :)

Anonymous said...

Hehe to je ena redkih barv, ki celo najin ten kože spremeni v nekaj bolj rozastega. Bi pa bilo zanimivo videt tole barvo v kombinaciji s kakšno hladno zlato, metalik barvo.. Pa mogoče nekaj vijoličnega poleg. Nevem..

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