Dec 16, 2012

What V wears to school

Hey guys :)

Since I have little time to do fun, out there make-up, I decided to have a little series of my everyday make-up for school.


Day to day, I need to wear foundation, to cover acne. I rarely have time to do my eyes, beause I need to take extra steps to bring color back to my blank foundationed face. 

When I do get the time for ze eyeballz, I

 go for a warm crease and brown liner. Blue eyes carry that really well.

 I will avoid mascara if possible. If not, I'll curl the lashes and apply a thin coat to my outher 1/4 of the lashes.

I sometimes do a single color swept all  over the lid and this is pretty much my make-up done.

For this look, I used Beyou eyeshadow, and a Nxy pencil lip pencil.
All the colors have a slight tinge of orange, which is the warmth factor I pretty much need in every look :)

There will be more posts like this. Just letting you know in case you'd like to come back and take a look.

=) V.


Deja said...

Jaz sem pa vedno črn tekoč eyeliner, maskara, puder, korektor, blusher, šminka :). Senčke so se slej ali prej na desnem učku razmazale, ker se pač rado solzi. No, se je, po operaciji še nisem mela tega problema :)

Gone2RehabBRB said...

Jaz se veliko solzim, pa ni nikoli problem s senčko pač pa z maskaraami, s črtali in pudrom :)

olgiepolgie said...

This is really soft and pretty. Love that liner.

Gone2RehabBRB said...

@ogliepolgie: And it's so quick and easy to do, too! :)

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