Mar 17, 2013

Omgwtf She's Hitting Pans AGAIN

Starting to hit pans in 2013. I'm currently using these things exclusively to use them up as soon as possible. Hopefully do not get bored too soon :) I've got 4 eyeshadow, a bronzer, a blush, a lipglos and a setting powder. 

1. Alverde foundation
2. Franken blush (Logona Peche + Bella Pierre Posh)
In the middle S-he Bronzer. 

1. Grey eyeshadow from a BeYu trio
2. Artdeco, number 98
3. Sleek Chaos I-divine, the white shade 
4. Franken highlight shade
In the middle: Alverde Rose Garden LE eyeshadow (this stuff is huuuge)
 Nyx Lipgloss in Peach.


Ina said...

Pridna :) Jaz ne vem, če sem že kdaj čemu prišla do dna :D

Gone2RehabBRB said...

Jaz si želim, da bi katerim bolj pametnim rečem prišla do dna :D

Lux said...

Waw, pridna, da se uspeš držati istih stvari dokler ne porabiš. Edino, čemur sem jaz kdaj prišla do dna, so razni pudri :D

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