Sep 12, 2010

Everyday Minerals Swap

Hey, beautiful people, how are all of you doing today?

I thought a beauty blog would be a good idea, but it is SO much work.
Lately, I've done a few swaps and I'm finding time to put some content up. YAY. The only girls I've ever swapped with are the lovely forumese (is that even a word ?) from Ars cosmetica.

I am such a sucker for things in pots, and I only use cruetly free products.
Yet, I had no mineral eyeshadows apart from Sweetscents' Midnight Burgundy.
The following haul and swatches of Everday Minerals would not be possible without the sweet girl known as  Lyra. If you are into nail art, you'll love her blog.

I'll get the hang of swatching and picture editing. Eventually. Bare with me, I got so much stuff to learn. *blush*

Here's a group picture of all the goodies I got! There's lucent powder samples in the top, blush samples in the middle, and a bunch of eyeshadows in the bottom row.

Alright, let's get down to business. Starting with earth tones, I have Cafe, Jane Eyre, Baby Bath, Spin Cycle and Sunset Voyage, all swatched over a white primer.

All the earth tones swacthed in reverse;
(from left to right) Sunset Voyage, Sping Cycle, Baby Bath, Jane Eyre, and Cafe.

So basically, what I can tell you about these based on my first impression is that most of the eyeshadows have the same gold sparkle to them. They are mostly satin finish, have such lovely consistency (you know, that thick mineral feel), they go on easily and I've had excelent staying power on my lids. I do have dry lids, so I apply them over creamy concealer that would probably crease on most people.

I did, however, noticed they change color on me once they soak up all the oil of the concealer. Perfectly understandable, and it only makes them more darker and the pigment shows up heaps better that way.

My two favorites are Cafe and Diary. 

Blushes. I have an array of matte, satin and shimmery finish. I'm not feeling
the shimmery blush so I am most definately using them as eyeshadows. Swatches on the right are Fresh Air blush and Lavander color corrector.

The blushes Cookie Sheet, Sand Cherry, and Viki's Radiant Creation:

Swatches of the Lucent powders

Swatches of the matte blushes; Nick Nack, Sprung, and Midnight Rose:
MOOOOOOOORE eyeshadows :)  Swatched as is the order of the jars.

Golly, I'm exhausted! That's it for today, but do expect a detailed post regarding these, with lots of pictures and recomendations. It's going to be a post about my favorites and not so favorite.

~ V.


.sparkle* said...

wooow, kok enih stvari :) blushi so mi ful všeč, mogoče si to rundo kakšnega naročim!

men je pa tale smokey pink ful všeč :) pa net surfing je hud...ampak zame malo preveč pigmentiran, ker mam raje bolj nežen make-up :)

Gone2RehabBRB said...

@.sparkle* Mat blushi so me vrgli na rito :D Sploh Midnight Rose, ki je koralna v pravem pomenu besede.

Smokey pink je sicer lepa nežna vijolična, samo kaj, ko jih imam že na tone. Sem ji primešala malo črnega pigmenta, da ni čisto enaka vsem ostalim.

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