Dec 30, 2010

earings Haul

I saw these in the store and went O_o CANDYYYYYYY

Naturally, I had to buy them! And they were only €1. The store is also having a massive sale with most hair accessories priced at 50 cents, and earings for 1 euro.
It's called Assessorize and it's in Maribor, if you walk up the aley from the Main Square. No, sicer vam bi lahko kar v slovenščini povedala :D hehe

They are cute and most people will probably cringe at the thought of me wearing them lol but I couldn't care less. They even inspired a make-up look;)

Happy Ney Year prep everyone.
<3, V.


luckiebeauty said...

So cool! They look like candies :)

Gone2RehabBRB said...

yeah, they remind me of those ginormous lolipops

Val said...

Cute!! I love fun earrings :)


Gone2RehabBRB said...

I know, right :D

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