Feb 21, 2011

Lashes From kkcenterhk

Hey, my gorgeous bloggettes, how are all you doing?  

What I've prepared for you is a review of false eyelashes from www.kkcenterhk.com. They were provided by the PR for me 
to try them out and tell the world what I think of them.

If you don't feel like going though the entire post, here's a recap;
inexpenisive and beautiful looking lashes. Repurchase worthy.
Slightly above drugstore quality  standards.

The review:

The company is a Hong Kong based online company that stocks a massive amount of beauty related products from make-up to hand
warmers. What I find is that they have incredibly comprensive 
categories. It's a breeze to navigate. 
The stock images for all the lashes are very true to the product
that you are actually getting.

It is stated on the site that they are Paypal verified.

The lashes that I got are by Korean ES brand. ES lashes come in
so many models I had a hard time deciding which ones to get.
I narrowed it down to A22 and A26. 

These babies are ES brand A22's. 
You can find them here: ES model A22.
Price: 3,64 USD (without shipping) for 10 pairs of lashes as seen in
the picture below. Yes, that's right, less than 4 dollars for ten pairs!
Now, tell me that ain't a bargain! 
They are very thick, dark black lashes with a very slight and barely noticable blue hue to them. Perfect for a smokey eye, yet not so
good for daytime, obviously.
I love how they flare out at the outer coner. They look best on people with medium to big round Bambi eyes. On me, they look very extreme because my eyes are way too small.

Application was like with any other lashes, I used my own glue as this box of 10 pairs doesn't come with a glue, so bare that in mind. 
Hair fragility:
Hard to believe, but they did well with not sheding when removed. I got 5 uses out of mine, before I had to cut them into half-lashes.
That's quite amazing considering the price.
I held them by the hair with my fingers and then used tweezers to peel of the residual glue and the hair didn't shed. My fing'rs brand lashes always shed if I try to peel the glue off like that.

Concern: Because they are so thick, your lashes wont blend very well. You'll need to make sure your lashes are coated with mascara from the very base (roots).
I have used them in make-up looks that I have yet to post, but let me tell you; they look phenomenal. 

And now just check these beauties out! A26 criss-crossed style lashes you can find here: A26 lashes by ES
Price: 4,65 USD (without shipping)

In general, I'll have to say these are my favs, because the look so effertolessly beautiful once you put them on.They have the Disney Princess flair to them.

Unlike the A22, these blend with your natural lashes perfectly.
On the other side, I found them to be a bit more on the fragile side, however, I've used Essence lashes that are far worse quality than these. They are still quite big but sparse enough not to be obnoxious.

Won me over, big time. I can't wait to get my grubby little paws on more of these.

 This is basically it.
For questions do not hesitate to drop me a note :) And remamber, all pictures can be magnified by clicking on them.


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Rakhshanda said...

Woww both look lovely!! Me too love the ones send to me...they are really of good quality that too at quite a low price:)

ooCherryBlossom said...

OMG, in love with yours fallsies :)))) the criss-crosses are my fav 2 :))))

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