Feb 20, 2011

My fav eyeshadow applied dry + Life Update

Hello darlings :)

My exams are finally over and I can honestly say that, academically and education-wise, in the past six months I've had the worst time of my life.  So much stress, time and effort commited to school any yet all I'm getting is fail after fail after fail. I'd need a proper vacation, but my last exam was yesterday and school starts on Monday.
Slovene education system, I shake fist at you!!! *shakesfits* 

As life is horrible, here's a bit of make-up rehab to make me feel better. I miss blogging and it was heartbreaking to see 1000 new posts in google read each week. If there is any post you are very proud of and I missed it, let me know in the comments and I'll check it out ;)

So, about these pictures ...
Remember my previous post where I talk about my favourite eyeshadow?

Well, tis is the same thing, just applied dry. I still think it's cute but definately prefer the foiled version. Click here to see it: shiny little link :)

While I was away I managed to accumulate 33 eyeshadow looks that need to be cropped and watermarked. I'm also going to do a stick-straight eyelashes solution post as soon as I can!

I'm back and loving it!


David said...

Oh I totally know how you feel about school. I'm in my last year of classes and I'm terrified of the idea of screwing it up. But don't think all you've done is fail! It takes more work then you're giving yourself credit for just to balance school and life! So keep up with the fab posts and remember to think positive!

Gone2RehabBRB said...

I'm in my last year of classes, too! and all this latest failure really does complicate my life significantly
and delays my thesis work.

And yes, I know a few failed exmas doesn't make me a general loser, but it sure messes up lots of my plans.

Thank you for your encourgaing words! <3

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