Feb 26, 2011

Taupe and Cool Purple

Hey there, gorgeous, how ya doing?

Yes, I still exist! I'm in my final year and have a lot of exams to deal with. At this point, I am unfortuntely unable to provide you with reviews, looks or even Nupo content..
As I type, I am taking a break from studying because I've reached the point where
my head literally gets spinnig from information overload.. A cup of tea and a blog post will deal with that!

On this picture I was experimenting with angles. Were it focused and crisped I would be
one happy camper ... Haha ...

The idea is to use taupe all over the lid and a purple in the crease; not exactly elaborate I know..
Isadora quads were used.

With some flash it makes it more obvious why this is such a staple look. It is pweety!

Also, for my undereye concealing I use Everyday Mineral matte base foundation in Fair. That stuff is opaque =) Covers just about all darkness beacuse it is pink based
; Hoever, the best thing about it is that is light enough for my creepily pale skin.

Well, darlings, I gotta be brief.
I'll try to squeeze as many breaks and possible and do some posts for you all.

And I don't think you realized, but my Nyx giveaway can still be entered.
Plenty of samples to go around, it just that nobody new is entering and I don't have the time
to do a duplicate post.

Take care, everybody!


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