Mar 5, 2011

Pigment Storage Suggestion

Hello, darlings

While back I was looking for cheapo plastic drawers to put my make-up in. So I went to Sewa. No luck with the drawers, although they stock some nice looking boxes.

I did, however, find these cuties:

They are actually pill cases. I just thought they'd be cute for pigment storage. Now, note they are not travel safe, drop safe or move safe :P And some don't close properly, which is an issue.
They do OK with just sitting on my shelf waiting to be used.

Bottom line, they are practically useless.
This shiny eyesahdow is my favourite eyeshadow, I featured it in two previous posts,
once applied dry and applied wet.

And just for kicks, I used my walls and a piece of paper as a light box substitute. haha.
It turned out ok, methinks.

Hope all of you are doing great! I'll be more blog present, not just on my homepage but on all of your lovely blog posts as well.

Can't wait to throughly catch up on things.

~ V.


Sara.H said...

the boxes are so cute :) great choice. thanks for sharing

Gone2RehabBRB said...

Cute but totally impractical

Mei Mei said...

Those are too cute... are they real tiny? thanks for the idea ;-)

Gone2RehabBRB said...

@Mei Mei
No, no. They are much bigger than, lets say, regular mineral eyeshadow jar.

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