May 5, 2011


Hello dolls,

It's kkcenterkh time with them providing yet another set of amazing
Eye's Chic lashes to review. Here are the cute fluff babies

From left to right
Eye's Chic 816 Bird of Paradise, Eye's chic CRS7-CB Cross Clear band eyelashes (the middle)
and Eye's Chic 813 Doll's Big Eye 2 Half lashes.

Pictures will speak for themselves.

These are Eye's chick 816 Bird of Paradise lashes. Available at H E R E, priced USD $ 13.45
Let me just say these a gorgeous and frigging enormous :D
Very dramatic yet fragile looking at the same the.

Con: the lenght and the shape of them makes them very hard to trim without ruining their beauty. But it can be done!

Close up:

Now tell me these aren't amazing. Would ya look at that! <3

The scond set is of EYE'S CHIC CRS7-CB Cross 14 Clear Band False Eyelashes, that you can get H E R E. Priced USD$13.45 for ten pairs.

These are very subtle with the clear band and understated hairs.
But I found it hard to apply glue to clear bands. And it just would not stick to my eye. I wonder if it is time to change the glue, actually.

But they are absolutely wearable.

And the last set is EYE'S CHIC 813 Doll's Big Eye 2 (Half) False Fake Eyelashes from H E R E .
These are also very wearable and they apply nicely.
They are a definate repurchase for me! If you need some normal looking lashes, my advice is to
opt for these or the clear band ones.

A few more comparisson pictures:

See how gigantic the birds of paradise are? Stunning!!

Cannot wait to have time to do some crazy and/pr wearable looks with these.


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Emily♥ 에밀리 ♥エミリー said...

Oh wow, I want all of them!! I've heard a lot about this site, I think I need to check it out ;)

MartianDelights said...

Oooh they're nice, can't wait to see those in action !

Jen said...

wow, lovely lashes. They're all so gorgeous >.< Love the "EYE'S CHIC CRS7-CB Cross 14 Clear Band False Eyelashes" - very natural looking ones right? :)

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