May 2, 2011

The Story of My First Time

So, anyway - when I was in Barcelona I went to my first Sephora ever and then left when I was told by the cute assistant that they sell out the Naked palette as soon as they stock it. 

And then a MAC artist gave me direction to MACpro store. I nearly
died of happiness. It was the first time I ever even seen a MAC counter, let alone a pro store. And since MAC is out of my league (financially) I only bought 2 products I honestly believe i cannot get anywhere else.

It's Face and Body  Foundation in white (€ 36 which is 54 USD) , to adapt any foundation I have to a color that isn't too dark for my
super pale skin. And then also Russian red lipstick ( €18 which is 27 USD). I am extremly happy with my purchase.

Then I went to Sfera, which is a clothing store. I wanted to try a red cardigan and shoes. And when I went into the changing room, there was this cute blue dress just sitting there because the staff hadn't put it away. It was love at first sight and I think it suits me really really well. Hits me at all the right places, hides the big belly and shows enough of my legs :D

This cute cardigan is now mine as well.

These are the shoes that made me walk into the store, but they were not comfy enough for daily wear so I never bought them.
That's all I have.
Hope everyone had fantastic holidays.

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Biba said...

Luštna oblekica! Pa čeveljci tudi - lepi čevlji niso (skoraj) nikoli tudi udobni ;)

Tamara said...

Prvi link ti ne dela. Imas linkano prvo slikico ;).

Innn.... white foundation - coastalscents ima tudi nekaj takega, predvsem pa.. cenejsega.

Oblekica mi je pa lustna.

darksome: said...

Luštne reči, sploh čevlji so mi zelo lepi :) Sem se pa grozno nasmejala ob slikah, kjer si prekrila obraz LOOOL :)) kakšne face :D

Gone2RehabBRB said...

Če bi bili udobni, bi že bilo tako lepo, da bi bilo kičasto :D

Gone2RehabBRB said...

Hmm, čudno, ker nism nič po kodah packala pa tudi sicer mi ne prikaže nikjer nobene napake.

Aja, točno, te majhne stvarce od CS. To pa bi prišlo v poštev, ampak zdaj ene 4 leta ne potrbujem. Ker je ta MAC flaša 120 ml.

Gone2RehabBRB said...

Hihi, škoda, da sem ta obraz najdla šele potem, ko sem že shranila zvezdico na desni strani. :D

Tamara said...

Ja sem videla, uno je ziher dozivljenska pakunga :D.

Sem brala da je super kot 'fake tan' verzija. Mislim naneses na telo kot puder (npr na noge, ce si bela kot stena - jaz lol) in zdrzi brez panike. Pac izberes nekaj odtenkov temnejsega kot bi sicer. Ful zanimivo.

Aja ves kje mi linka? Tvoj intro, na katerem pises naj pocekiramo fanpage.

MadeByJulietta said...

I like the way you put cartoons over your face lol ... great post

a!k0 said...

I love the color of that cardi :D I am glad you bought it. I need a color like that too. And I just bought myself a red lipstick too this weekend. So much for a shopping ban ;)


The Beautifier said...

yay for your MAC purchase! I love to wear this foundation in summers! xoxo

Emily♥ 에밀리 ♥エミリー said...

Wow, nice haul! I want Russian Red so bad! You've beat me to MAC haha, I really need to get up the courage and just go sometime.. xD

I meant to enter your giveaway but I kept forgetting and grr, these past few weeks have been crazier than normal around here. >.<

Glad you had fun in Barcelona! <3

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