Aug 14, 2011


Finaly, Alverde limited edition collection Hippie Deluxe has arrived to Slovene drugstore chain Dm- Drogerie Markt. I was at check-out and snatched one item out of the stand that wasn't even meant to be on display yet ;) 

And it is this lips and cheek stain. So, darlings, in this post I'm showing swatches, pictures and 1st impression review of the Alverde Hippie Deluxe Liquid Rouge&Lips in the shade 01 Cherry Fun.

It comes in a nail polish-like 9ml bottle and retails for € 3.95. Quite pricey, I thought. The applicator is standar ugly cheap brush.
Overall cute presentation.

I took the matte label off to take a picutre of this beautfil true cherry color. It looks like blood!Well, they were spot on with the name, Cherry Fun. It even has a slight sweet flavour. Real fruit associations runs very strong with this product which is why I wanted to like so much.
Nice going, Alverde. Very appealing!

Here is an unblended swatch. Please, click on the image to view it full size and see the intensity for yourself. 

A smaller picture, blended out. 
WHAT? It blends out that sheer? Yes :/

So, lets test it on my lips. I have uber pale pink, unpigmented I-pretty-much-look-dead  lips =) At least they are a pretty shape.
Second picture is the process of application. Seriously, how weirdly delicious does that look? I felt like a vampire. Again, this has cherries written all over it.

Mkay, so I layer another blob of product over my lips. All using my finger.My naked lips are there for comparison.

 One last trial application; the cheecks.

 I feel I need to give this product a change, I just bought it 2 hours ago and it unfair to say i hate it when I apply it over a water-soluble foundation.
But it is very watery and very sheer. And expensive for what it is. 

A through review will follow once me and the stain get a little intimate, but first impressions say this is not a repurchase-worthy product.


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Biba said...

O, super, hvala za (prvo) oceno. Zdaj sem v dilemi, ali bi vzela katerega ali ne...

SilhouetteScreams said...

Well I like how it looks on you as blush :)

Gone2RehabBRB said...

Biba, če ti je dovolj, da je ok samo za lička, bi ga morda vzela. Samo na ustnicah pa ni ne obstojen ne vodoodporen.

Gone2RehabBRB said...

SilhouetteScreams - yeah, but what is the point in pricey lips and cheek stain if it doesn't stain the lips? :)))

a!k0 said...

I have to say I love the color in the bottle, but i dont think this will do any justice on my looks nice on the cheeks tho :)


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