Sep 15, 2011

Lush Henna Hair Dye

Yes, after 3 years of virign hair I decided to play up my hair color. Felt like having a change. And because I am cruetly free it took a lot of research to find something that is not tested on animals. Apparently the best thing is pure henna, henna tattoo quailty that has no other ingriedents but henna. Well, I could not find it.

Mind you, box henna dyes are always filled with either alcohol, eg. Logona Natrual Cosmetics hair dye, or it is just the usual chem-coctail that has henna as colorant. Ladies, please read into your INCI before buying anything even remotly resembling ''henna'' dye.

Lush was what came up in forums. I has henna and indigo bind together with shea butter and botanicals such as nettles, coffee, etc. Said to be moisturizing. They sell these in chocolate-looking bars, named Caca Brun, Caca Noir, Caca Maroon and Caca Rouge. 
I'm dying to try Caca Rouge (pun intended :P)

The color turned out beautiful and it unfonunately faded to my natural color after a few washes. So I tried dying it again, this time using black tea with in place of  water. It worked but only for a while. The color fades out like something crazy.
I think it must be because it is very close to my natural color, only a bit more on the deeper side.

I'm looking forward to trying the red and black versions of these!
Unfortunately this particular shade doesn't do much for me.

The overall process is messy, yet I like it for that reason alone. I feel like I'm a kid playing
with mud. =)


Maja said...

Tudi jaz sem poskusila to kano... Barva mi je tudi precej hitro zbledela, vendar se je las še precej časa držal rdeč sijaj, kar mi je bilo všeč. :) Edina stvar, ki me je motila pa je bil vonj... ogaben - tebe ni motil?

Gone2RehabBRB said...

Zaradi genetsko prirojene bolezni ne voham. Sploh. :(

G A B Y said...

I'm also looking for a cruelty-free hair dye but I really want something permanent and the only one I found is Revlon but I can't find it here, I will have to order it on the net!

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