Oct 11, 2011

Lily Lolo Soft Brown

Soft Brown by Lily Lolo is a honey light brown shade, finish is between matte and satin. I can definately see a sheen/glow in this one. 

 Application is smooth and even, I wouldn't neccesarily say buttery but it's rather soft. I was impressed by the color and immediately wanted to buy full-size, you know, with my own moolah. Unfortunately, I mixed up the names and accidentally bought Lily Lolo Brown Sugar. :( Brown Sugar is fine and all, but it's not as nice as this little honey drop of a color.
So this shade remains on my wishlist, I actually really want it and it's a product I would recommend. Unless you have a deeper skintone, in which case, this could be to light for you.
Especially neutral girls, you'll love this. Even I think it's beautiful and it takes a lot for a neutral shadow to impress me.

                                                            PR sample provided by www.lilylolo.si

On the swatches above you can see how Lily Lolo Soft Brown eyeshadow applies on fair skin.
Left - wet
Middle - finger swatch
Right - over Elf mineral eyeshadow primer


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