Oct 21, 2011

PCB: blue over copper base

Another Project Cute Box make-up look.

How to get this look?

I just took Essence LE shadow moose in Pas de Copper over my lid, over the crease and faded it on the brown bone are.  I love the texture of this, I do not even need brushes to blend the edges perfectly.
Not to mention it looks sooooooo pretty on its own.

All I did next was sweep a bit of  Pressed Olive eyeshadow by Everyday Minerals on the lid.

That was literally it. Easy and effective.


Isadonna said...

I think this is a really pretty look. I have to confess that I actually did not pack my box yet because there is a lot of work at the moment, but I have not forgotten about it! :)
Isa :)

EyeGraffiti said...

that's a really nice shade of medium/light green. I love these types that hues between light and medium! You can have them to everything

Gone2RehabBRB said...

Thanks, gals. <3

Now, I don't even understand why I tittled it "blue" =) Silly old me.

Robyn said...

Goooorgeous! I really love this!

Corina Muru said...

What comes out of a cute box can only be cute!:))
This color combination looks great!

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