Nov 6, 2011

BM Beauty - Dusty Road eyeshadow

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 Hey, all

Today I'm showing swatches of one of the 3 availbe shades by BM Beauty that  is carried by the Slovene Lily Lolo online store. It's called Dusty Road and Slovene buyers can find it HERE

The color is your standard honey gold but it's more on the warm side. On my orange skin it turn to the orange and amber side more than to honey. but if you have neutral skintone or red undertones this will be more of a medium honey shade.

When foiled, it turnes into a metalic gold.
Dry application will give a shimmery finish that can be flaky if you pile too much.

To me this is such a basic color, extremly dupe-able. I would not purchase the full-size product nor do I think this is awesome enought to tell you you definately need this in your life. So pricey for a regular color like this, too.You can calmly pass on this in my opinion..
It's pretty, but Lily Lolo has THE EXACT same color, it's called Brown Sugar. Since Lily Lolo is cheaper I will do a comparsion post. I bought Brown Sugar myself of a girl from Ars Cosmetica Forum not so long ago actually.

Anyway, on to the pictures of my swatches. Left is wet application, right is finger swatched dry application.

I wanted to see how this shadow functions as far as application goes. Works great, no blotchiness, smooth but dry application unless foiled. I'm adding a few extra pictures of a make-up look done with this shadow. 

Applied over Urban Decay Primer Potion all over the lid

And then I layered a wet eyeshadow over that same look with dry layer of eyeshadow already on 
and this is what I got:

Lovely product, but nothing to get screaming excited about.



Anonymous said...

Luštna senčka. Mi je všeč ime :) Me malo spominja na Fyrinnae Book of the Dead.. Ampak mislim, da ima Dusty Road več oranžnih podtonov, tako kot že omenjeno :>

Pink_Diamond said...

lep make up:P so mi všeč naravne barve:) Paše ti :)

PS:komaj sem našla comment button:) zdej ne vem al sm jz blond, al nazadnje ni bil tukaj:) hehe

Gone2RehabBRB said...

@swatchfreak Ja, ne vem, kaj je z mano. Možno, da kemija moje kože vsako zlato senčko oksidira v bakreno, ker nanešena na hrbtu dlani mi je senčka zelo lepa.

Ampak toplih zlatih barv je na tržišču na milijone.

@Pink Diamond; Hvala. Sicer ni senčka napačna, ampak imam pa res goro zlatk doma. Imam včasih obdobja, ko nosim večinoma zlate senčke.
Glede komentarjev - celotn o šablonsko ozadje je smotano in bom najbrž menjala kmalu. :S

Anonymous said...

Saj mogoče pa ni tvoja koža kriva.. Res bi morala preizkusit še Book of the Dead.. Na meni, ki imam podoben ten kože kot ti izpade ta čisto zlata..

SilhouetteScreams said...

Oh my god, this BEAUUUUUUTIFUL with your eye colour! *grabby hands*

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