Nov 6, 2011

BM Beauty - Platinum Tiara eyeshadow

 This is the third shadow by BM Beauty that is stocked by
It's a taupe but with a very distnict cool undertone. 
It may look silver, especially when foiled, yet it has a slight tinge of purple. It's the purple mini kick that sets this eyeshadow from Lily Lolo's Gunmetal eyeshadow. 

I loved how the color works on many skintones. I myself enjoyed wearing it. It may not be a striking or bright but it's a good 'daytime glamour shade''.
As far as the texture goes, it is a typical mineral loose shadow. Dry, but smooth and needs a base or foiling to stick to your skin.

For Slovene babes it's avaiable here:

On to the swatches.

I did a look where I applied Platinum Tiara all over my UDPP-primed moving lid. I have a warm chocolate matte shadow in the crease, orangy brown liner on my waterline and s smidge of white highlight in my inner corners.

For fun's sake, I then foiled some more Platinum Tiara over the make-up above. You can see what a difference  it makes.

Here is what sold me on this shadow - it's flattering on my eyes and maks my entire face look more enticing.
This color I would never pick out myself just seeing the swatches and product in person. Doesn't look special, but once applied you can appreciate it's beauty.

Conclusion: For me, it's not a must have. Although, I would actually purchase it, if the shadow was on offer.
If you are in the market for a cool taupe and you like your day make-up to have good pigmentation and opacity, this shade could be something to look into.


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