Dec 23, 2011

EOTD:One magic color does the job

Hello, gorgeous people

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I have a nice purple smokey eyes using just one shade from an old IsaDora duo. It's one of those ''everything'' colors that act as if you applied 6 colors on your lid. Yet  you put minimal effort into it, apart  from packing on ONE shade and blending out the crease.

 Scary squinting eyes after the jump so it's ok not to click on Continue reading link :) 

So, yeah, this is it, just a quickie to share IsaDora love with the universe.

Couldn't focus or maybe my settings were off but pictures turned out crappy.


The Peach said...

That is such a beautiful color! Love those colors that work so well on their own!

Anonymous said...

very beautiful

SilhouetteScreams said...

Beautiful colour on its own, but especially with your eyeballs! I love the idea of using one colour on the lid, but my weird eye shape makes me look like a mutant if I have a light colour in the crease :S but I still like to try it, especially with duochromes.

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