Dec 20, 2011

OMGWTH She is hitting pans?!?!

It happens!
I only tend to hit pan on highlight eyeshadows and face powders.
The rest I either lose somewhere or it becomes useless for wahtever reason. And I do not collect staple items so I only generally have one foundation, one pressed powder, one mascara, one primer etc.

What I have here are my routine products that I use nearly every day and have done so for probably few years to many :S

Check this out:

Curious about details regarding these products? Keep on reading ;))

First I have my basic shimmery white from a BeYou trio.  I highlight the inner corner and around the tearduct practically everyday. I also use this shadow to set white pencil or to highlight my cheekbones.

Another shimmery white that I use is the one from IsaDora's Pearls quad. Amazing quality, love this.
Also from the same quad, I've hit the pan on the light taupy color. This color I've been wearing every day in december. If it wasn't the focus color on the lid, I swept it on my lower lashline.

Also used to the pan is a skintone ''highlight'' from IsaDora Classic Browns palette. For me, this is waaaay too dark to be I highlight, in fact, I use it to contour my cheeks. Yeah, I'm that pale! I expect this to run out pretty soon.

Then, my Bourjois foundation - all gone.

L'occitane shea butter lipbalm - almost gone.
Dr. Bronner's Magic All-one balm, minty - I only just made a small dent and hit a tiny bit of pan.

Nyx round lipgloss

Left: pink gloss, 11 Strawberry.
Right: Shiney Ice that I mixed a bright copper pigment in

Elf mineral eyeshadow primer: only 1/3 left

Essence stay-all-day concealer only has about 10 % of the product left but the picture doesn't show that too well.

Mkay so that is a total of 
4 eyeshadows
2 lipglosses
1 concealer
1 powder foundation
2 lipbalms

Lets not count the balms, since I think they are more skin care.
So that is total of 9 make-up items used. I'm quite surprised that most people never had a full-size product with a pan hit. How many have you hit the pan on?

Tinkerbelldani ask which of the products would I repurchase.

A big YES:
- IsaDora Eyeshadows. To me they work the best and I'm rarely disappointed in the pigmentation and performance. Sadly, this particular quad was discontinued so I can't repurchase as much as I want to :((
- Dr. Bronner's Magic lipbalm. My love, very moisturizing. it's the kind of moisture that sinks in your skin as opposed to creating a thick protective layer. So it's not best to wear it outside in cold, but it fantabulous for lips repair. My summer favourite is mint flavour, but for irritated lips I really need the unscented version

A big NO
Bourjous fundation. Wrong color, wrong undertone, too dark.
Essence concealer. It oxsidizes to orange.

BeYou trios. Shimmer is too flaky and it's not sold in Slovenia anymore.

A undecisive MAYBE
L'occitane shea butter. 
I feel I'm paying for the brand name.
I adore shea butter and trust it to protect my lips if I go outside in winter cold. But I'll be buying somewhere where it's cheaper.

Nyx glosses.
Everything about them is amazing apart from the cheap stuff they are made of. I'm not going to be buying them because they use the cheapest perservatives they can. Because I have petrochemicals-free alternatives accessible to me, I'm not interested in this brand any longer.

Elf mineral primer
I have dry skin. This is a drying type of primer. I have no use of it.


Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more, I only ever seem to hit pan on highlight eyeshadows and face powders too! xx

Cheeky Chic said...

Whoa u really are in action . and they do look like wonderful thing to used in daily routine.
thanks for sharing
I always finish off my blush. thats my staple if nuthin else

Gone2RehabBRB said...

Interesting, non?
And I always feel as the eyeshadow have very little product in. Yet it lasts for years.

Blush you say, Cheeky Chic?
Hmm, it happend to me with an eyeshadow that I was using as blusher but pretty much was it.
Then again, I only have under 10 blushes. Should give you an idea as to how little I use them. =)

Liza said...

Yeah I only seem to hit pan on pale colours/light blushers that you have to pile on :) Nice to see other people's makeup that they use the most!

tinkerbelldani said...

I loved this post :) are you going to be re-buying once they have fully gone? xox @tinkabelldani xox

Gone2RehabBRB said...

tinkerbelldani, that is a great question :)

I'll edit the post tomorrow with that info ;)

G A B Y said...

Wow, is there a more awesome feeling in the world than hitting pan? I don't think I have ever hit pan on a powder product though, congrats!

Melissa said...

I think I buy too much too often to hit pan :/ Is that a good or bad thing??

Sana said...

The reason why I almost never hit the pan is that I have way too many products ... I did manage to hit the pan on my Manhattan eyeshadow (matte grey) and I might actually manage to use it up within a few months. What an achievement :)

Adriana said...

Pretty shades! I also love the colors of the lip glosses:) Come join my BURT'S BEES giveaway if you have the chance!

SilhouetteScreams said...

I only ever hit pan on highlight shadows too, though I think I'm somehow getting there with MAC Sable, even though I swear I don't use it that often o___O

Emily♥ 에밀리 ♥エミリー said...

It's awesome that you're using stuff up! I've hit pan on a few items, mainly foundation and things like chapstick and stuff. I've also recently used up a few mineral foundation and eyeshadow samples, which is an achievement for me since I have so many! xD

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