Jun 5, 2012

Oh, Blue Baby

Hello =))

A while ago I was on a massive baby blue inner corner highlight frenzy. I practically wore it every day because I loved it so much. Now I decided I really need to use up other highlighters and save the blue for times I really want my eyes to pop.

Besides, I never leave the house due to revision and for picking up toilet paper at the store I honesty do not feel the need to look like a stunning eye flirt-atio.

Anyways, this look consists of:

1.  Bronzer in the crease

2. Baby blue eyeshadow in the tearduct and under the brow bone. To make this look even more fun I layered a while liner pencil and my waterline and then I set it the baby blue shadow. My eyeshadow is from an old H&M duo, the ones that were jing-jang shaped.

3. The main lid color is Sweetscents' Midnight Blue eyeshadow. The  outer corner is intensified with a navy blue.
Sweetscents Midnight blue is such a funny color to wear. It's almost a navy blue with gold specks and gold shimmer. It looks like a duochrome shadow to me. The funny bit is how it applies on the skin, there is something about blue peeking through the gold that just doesn't seem right to me, texture wise. or maybe I'm just crazy.

It's still a good color on my skintone, which is great. 


Emily♥ 에밀리 ♥エミリー said...

This is so gorgeous! You always do such perfect shape for you eyeshadow looks, I wish I could get shape like that! I love the baby blue accents<3

With love, Ana. said...

Very very pretty!

SilhouetteScreams said...

LOVE the contrast between the light inner corner and dark outer wing <3

Gone2RehabBRB said...

Thanks girlies <3

I have another blue tear duct post somewhere in the pile of drafts =)
Will try to get around to showing it.

Deja said...

AaA. lovely <3 :))
xo Deja

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