Aug 18, 2012

Mystic Kitten-eyezed

Hey guys =) 

I was in a mood for using a darker color and trying a slightly different eyeshadow placement; winged out corners. Turns out it doesn't suit me if I leave it unblended, but apart from that I still kinda liked it. 

the amount of light was spectacular so this was easy to photograph. Gotta love summer.

I started by appliying

Fyrinnae Mystic eyeshadow in a cat eyes like shape, staying under my crease. You see, here is the issue - small hooded eyes, no lid space = no boueno, no go. 
In person I can totally pull it off but in pictures I look bizarre.

Lilo Loly Pink Champagne eyeshadow is in my tear duct area. This is a light shimmery pink color with strong blue undertones, which is what makes me hate it :/ I have a tendency to look bad in cool undertones. So by trying to keep my browbone and crease area warm, I added a touch of Sweetscents Arizona Moonlight and blended it out  very well.

I wipped off the wing because it was driving me crazy :D
Joppa Minerals Kayla e/s is what I used as my highlight. It's medium opacity matte white with loads of gorgeous little glitter particles. They are not chunky, I love how finely milled they are and how they make the shadow twinkle as if it was shimmery. 

And the lines are drawn using a lilac liner,  Essence 11 Go Wild Longlasting Eyepencil. I used Azure's tip of warmining it up before usage because I told her how I struggle with layering pencils over eyeshadows on my upper lids. She had a great suggestion of where to place the pencil to have it warm by the time you finish doing your shadow work. 

Liner went on the lower lashline and the inner part of my upperlashine.

Somehow I see Mystic as quite a wearable shadow even for daytime. I like that it's not black based, it's more of a deepend complex blue/grey.
I ended up wacking some crease color and depening the lids so stay tuned for a smokey version of this look.

Hope you have a great day!

xo, V.


tina said...

fantastic make up! i have color of eyes like yours but light with gray.

Gone2RehabBRB said...

@tina: Really? Sounds awesome!
You can tweet me a picture, or post one on fb fan page

Deja said...

Res lep makeup <3
Všeeeč :))

xo Deja
Deja Zu

Makeup Zombie said...

I LOVE the colors you used here. Pretty!

Helena (XOXO Parisky) said...

Lep makeup! :) Meni so pa vsec te podaljsane crte in brez njih ni mojega makeupa :)

olgiepolgie said...

Love it! I especially love how the liner along the top lashline turned out against Mystic.

Gone2RehabBRB said...

Aww, thank you all.
Glad you like it more than I did :D

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