Oct 14, 2012

An eye look

Hey guys =)

For a little while I have to put this blogging thingy to a rest while I get into swing of things with my new school. Not to mention I still have a couple of graduating theses to do at my old school :D lol, I'm  such a potential drop-out it's not even funny anymore. 
In this country, all undergruadates need to come up with a thesis in order to graduate, there is no such thing as finals.

So this is a funny look I've had hidden in the draft section.

I used a shimmery gold all over, to start with. It's Gosh Paradise loose eyeshadow. And that stuff is very shimmery so I tried to tone it down with matte shadows from Sleek Chaos I-divine palette.

I started with a matte aqua color by putting it on the edges of the shimmery gold. Then to make my life more fun, I used the matte burgundy in the crease and on the lower lashine. 

My camera did not appreciate the texture transitions, haha. It wasn't this blotchy.

Phone in-bulit ligh doesn't always serve me well.
I am pleased with how the three colors work together, you cannot go wrong with burgundy on blue eyes. One very annoying thing with this look are all the little flakes cought in my lashes.

Hopefully I can get a few minuts to  blog again next weekend. Wishing you all a great week!



Deja said...

Aww. Lep <3

olgiepolgie said...

These three colours look great together! Lovely.

Mateja Mateja said...

Prekrasno! :) Pa srečno z novim faksom! :D

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