Jan 31, 2013

Products I used up

Hello :)

This is going to be a all over the place, however, the post has educational value to me as it gives me 
a perspective on how much of my stuff I actually use within a year.
A few of the items are featured in OMGWTH She's Hitting Pans post, from March 2012. 

Scary how long things take to die on you even with regular use :)


Chocolate brown eyeshadow by Manhattan (not pictured)
A matte brown eyeshadow by Isadora from the Classic Browns Quad (not pictured)

A shimmery frosty pink by BeYou
The taupe color  and the frosty white from the IsaDora Pearls Quad (not pictured)

Old gold eyeshadow

Lime green eyeshadow

BeYu frosty beige

My fraken eyeshadow using Lily Lolo Brown Sugar

Pink highlight color, Alverde Rose Garden LE
A frosty lime

Franken plumy taupe

Franken brassy gold.
Total eyeshadow used in 2012: 15


Alverde Cool Red Lipgloss
IsaDora Moisturizing lipgloss (the peachy shade) - I will miss it dearly
Essence Shine˛& Gloss thingy 
 Nxy Round Lipglos 11 Strawberry

Franken lipgloss, Essence Longlasting Concealer, L'occitane Shea Butter lipbalm
 Total lipgloss used in 2012: 5

Essence I <3 Stage eyeshadow primer, used up May 17
Essence Brow Gel
 EDM sample in Fair (used for undereye concealing)
Lily Lolo concealers in Nude and PeepO


Essence liquid eyeliner - waterproof
Suhada Liquid Liner 

Bourjois Healthy Mix
Lily Lolo Porcelain
Alverde LE mineral powder


MakeupMonologue said...

I need to do a post like this. I have been meaning to do it for ages!

olgiepolgie said...

Great work! I don't get through nearly as much makeup as I probably should, since I keep buying more before I've finished the old stuff *hangs head in shame*

Taya said...

Občudujem te, zelo dobro. Jaz še nisem porabila nobenega senčila, sem pa že več lipglosov. Vsaj nekaj. Essencova baza je že tudi skoraj pri koncu. Upam, da mi kmalu uspe porabiti še črn Essencov liner, rada bi si kupila novega, ampak nočem jih zbirati.

Gone2RehabBRB said...

I'm not hoarding stuff anymore and my collection still doesn't seem to get any smaller despite the items used :D

Aida M. said...

wau, prvič vidim kako izgleda porabljen lip gloss :D

Gone2RehabBRB said...

@Aida :D
Haha, ponavadi je več verjetnosti, da izgubim lipglos kot pa da imam priložnost gledat vanj skozi prazno tubo :P

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