Feb 4, 2013

Sleek Vintage eyedust

Hey guys =) 

This is going to be a gushing quickie about a lovely product that is Sleek Eye Dust in the shade Vintage. 

It's a greeny gold that DOESN'T turn brassy on my skin. Can I stress enough how rare that is? :)

I tried to use mascara as my gel liner but this particular formula was too flaky.

I highly suggest this eyeshadow. It's extremly cheap, very pigmented, very metallic and you get enough product to split it in half with a friend and it will both last you a lifetime.
I also pressed it in a pan using alcohol and have had great success with it.

One thing, though; it's very silicone-y and oil-heavy so make sure to prime with oil controlling primer. 
I don't need to, the product disperses over my dry lid like a dream. 



olgiepolgie said...

Love this colour! I'll definitely need to get my hands on this one.

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