Oct 15, 2011

Fyrinnae Bastet eyeshadow swatches

I wish this amazing company can find a way to provides us with their crack on a continous basis. Boy, are their pigments effing gorgeous or what? 
The complexity is mind blowing, so much sparkle, undertones, added shimmer, added magic. 
Fyrinnae doesn't do minerals, they do magic.

My goal before I die is to own every single color they make.
 It's not just complex colors, it's also the texture and smooth application that makes these thingies unique. I find them delight to work it. 
First in line is Fyrinnae Bastet eyeshadow and its swatches. It's a deep medium black matte base with finely milled gold glitter.

I foiled it on these two swatches. Maybe this is not the most complex and exciting color, but the warmth in the glitter makes smokey black eyes very flattering.


Do you have it? Do you like it?


darksome: said...

Nimam je a vidim, da je krasna! Itak :)) Me pa spominja malo na Meow Cosmetics - Neurotic liner (sem ga enkrat poswatchala na ARS Cosmetici).. Čeprav.. mislim, da je Bastet še 10x bolj kompleksnejša ;)

Urša said...

Njihove senčke so bile moje prve mineralne senčke, še iz časov, ko so se imenovali Bombshell bath :) oh to so bli časi! So pa res ful fajn!

Gone2RehabBRB said...

@darksome - dejansko ni kompleksna, samo mat črna pa not zmetane zlate bleščice =) ampak kako pa naredijo, da bleščice postanjo del barve, mi pa ni jasno.
Super smokey bi bil tole. Ne vem, zakaj sploh ne delam več MU-jev močnih :(

@Urša: hmm, nekam ceneno ime za tako fajno firmo. sem vesela, da so se preimenovali :D

darksome: said...

S kompleksnostjo sem mislila gliter, ker Neurotic je pa samo šimrasta-nič glitra..malo narobe sem se izrazlia s tole kompleksnostjo :P

Jao Fyrinnae dela res magične izdelke, se pa spomnim, da sem jaz ravno "vstopila" v indie mineralni makeup svet, ko so se ravno preimenovali se mi zdi.. In tudi zame so to prve mineralne sence, pa še zdaj sem obsedena z njimi xD.. Komaj čakam, da prispejo pošiljke z Halloween LE! <3

Gone2RehabBRB said...

Jaz tudi že komaj, ampak res KOMAJ čakam, da se naročilo da naprej in da prijadra do nas.

darksome: said...

Ko dobim info da so poslali, ti sporočim ;)

artlook4u said...

i do not have it (yet) but i'm wowed by it! pigmentation is just breath taking... Need to think about new purchase then :)

I invite you to my new giveaway which is thrown internationally, hope you like it :)

CRYS said...


EyeGraffiti said...

this is awesomeness in powder!!!! Gosh, how can something hue in both gold and silver in such a dark shade!? (Questions on the list I have for God just grows by the day;)
You are quite a swatcher-champ! So nice to see them in different ways!
We are so following you now!

Gone2RehabBRB said...

Thank you darlings.

I really do my best to show swatches true to life and it's impossible to do it in one single shot.

Especially Fyrinnae makes it so hard on us all. =)

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