Oct 16, 2011

Cliche Autumn Make-up look

Oh hi there. 
How ya doin?

I've done a few looks like this. Or so it seems, different oranges, coppers and alike  turn the same shade on my  skintone. Orange.
which equals pumpkins. Which will be attached to a string of fall associations.

I wonder what I would have to pair it with to get a more unique look.
I'm thinking something along the lines of ashy blue or teal pigeon grey. Lately I feel so uninspired to do fun make-up.
Feel like a novice, I don't know were and how to start =) 

Full face is to show off my summer 2011 fav blush, Logona 02 Peche. Coralista type of blush. Used and abused by me heavily during the time we had to bear with the scortching sun.


It's transitional application; light gold in the corner, orange lid, deeper orange on the outer V.

Nothing much.


EyeGraffiti said...

your iris is the most incredible I've seen! if you want to hot things up with bronze, my first suggestion would be electric blue (and I saw one in an earlier post of your blog!)
and when getting low-inspired watch a cartoon movie!

Mateja said...

Ful dobro, jaz sem letos čist zaljubljena v oranžno :)

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