Jan 24, 2013

Punchy blue liner

You might remember the challenge Make-up Heros did a loooooong time ago. It was some sort of a reverse liner/smokey eyes. 

I was in a mood the other day, so I put on a simple plumy taupe shadow and applied a navy liner to my bottom lashline. Applied *heavily* is my Essence d/c longlasting eyepencil.
Wasn't that bad, rather different for me. Small eyes, small lid - I almost never line my eyes unless I intend to take pictures for the blog. 

I can picture this liner be really pretty with a soft peachy eyeshadow on the upper lid!



Pink_Diamond said...

tale je pa res lep....ravno prav močen pa vseeno nežen :)

olgiepolgie said...

I remember that challenge. This looks great! That shade of navy is just gorgeous.

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