Apr 27, 2013

Acid Splatter

Hey guys =)

I have a bit of an unsual look for you, inspired by Blisfully Deranged. My look is mising a bright red eyeshadow so it isn't too true to hers, but the majority of colors I used were very compliant to what I was trying to achieve with them.

What I used:

Sleek Acid I-divine palette; the pink, the yellow, the green, the orange, and the blue.

Sleek primer palette; the champagne color.

How I did it?

I applied the cream shadow from the Sleek Primer palette. I loaded individual colors of powder eyeshadow on my brush, held it over my lids and tapped it off. 

This is seriously so much fun to do :)

I only wish I had a bright red within the palette.
It was also a shame that he colors started to blend together and fading, but that is ok, the look wasn't intended for long wear anyway :)

I've seen other splatter looks using tooth brush technique, has anybody tried it out?



Robyn said...

So cute! I love the splatter with the perfect liner.

Maja said...

Ful dobr! :D

Gone2RehabBRB said...

@robyn: thanks :) I'm tempted to splatter wet shadow all over my face.

@Maja: posrečeno pride, ne da :)

Emily♥ 에밀리 ♥エミリー said...

I love this! I loved Aimee's original splatter look too, so cool. I've been wanting to try this but wasn't sure how to do it. I'd probably do it the way you did. It would be fun to try it all over the face too.. would be a serious shock to my obsessively meticulous, color-inside-the-lines self, haha! ;)

Gone2RehabBRB said...

@Emily: that kinda reminds me of a look Sam of Pixiwoo did with black eyeshadow sprinkled over her under eye area, plus she had a dark smokey eye. Very outside the box, outside the lines :D

Deja said...

Ooo, tole je čist prehudo <3 :)

Gone2RehabBRB said...

@Deja: uf, že zardevam

Monica said...

I love this! Very creative :)

Gone2RehabBRB said...

Thank you, Monica!

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